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Elux Legend 3500 Disposables

Many of you will be familiar with Elux Legend’s 3500 puff disposables, perhaps due to their presence in the news lately for being made illegal in the UK. There’s understandably a bit of confusion around this and it’s natural to be concerned, so let’s clear things up.

Recently, the law in the UK changed so that disposable vapes are now limited to having just 2ml of e-liquid, or vape juice. This equates to around 600 puffs – significantly less than the 3500 puffs you get with an Elux Legend 3500.

As a result, all disposable vapes that provide you with more than that amount of e-liquid are now effectively illegal to sell in the UK – this isn’t because the contents of the Elux Legend 3500 aren’t any different to what you’d get in a smaller, now ‘legal’ vape, you just get more of it.

As you can see, we’re clearly selling the 3500 on this page, so how? The vapes you see here are all nicotine free, making them 100% legal for sale, as they’re exempt from the ban.

Flavour reviews

You’re sold on trying out an Elux 3500, but you’re not quite sure about what flavour to go with. To help you make up your mind, we’ve gone through ten of the most popular flavours in the UK, reviewing each of them in turn.

Mr Blue (Heisenberg)

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, the Breaking Bad inspired Mr Blue (Heisenberg) flavour will be sure to put a smile on your face. More than just a gimmick, it’s one of the best flavours in the Elux range (in our opinion) and is definitely one to add to your vape collection.

If you’re a fan of both sweet and minty flavours, then this is definitely one to look into; the flavour profile brings strong, sweet hints of blueberry and even a little raspberry, but then the refreshing mint ensures that the sweetness isn’t overpowering. The end result is interesting and refreshing, leaving you satisfied without being too sweet.

As ever, the 50/50 VG/PG mix results in beautifully satisfying clouds that feels good without being too harsh on the throat. All in all, Mr Blue (Heisenberg) is a great option for anyone looking for a slightly different flavour, without straying too far from the usual things you’ll enjoy. Some berries and menthol – what’s not to love?

Blueberry Raspberry

Berry flavours are a long-term favourite among the UK vaping community, and the Blueberry Raspberry option from Elux is an absolute classic. It’s incredibly refreshing and surprisingly similar to the taste profile you’d get from the actual fruits themselves.

It’s well balanced, providing plenty of that sweet (but not excessively so) blueberry taste, while bringing in just enough of the tart raspberry tones to create a little more stability in the profile.

The natural fruit flavours make it a great choice for the vaper who wants something that’s a little sweet, but doesn’t want to go with something as intense as a candy flavour. The subtlety is appreciated by most people who try it – we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

The flavour is delivered on Elux’s legendary VG/PG cloud, impressive both in size and quality. If you’re looking for a vape flavour that’s suitable for all occasions, whether over a morning coffee or after dinner, this is a great option to go with.

Fresh Mint

Not all vapers appreciate extremely sweet flavours, and the variety can feel a little limiting at times for people with these tastes. This Fresh Mint flavour from Elux will be a wonderful choice for people who have found the traditional flavour options on the market to be slightly too focused on sweetness.

The initial hit is incredibly refreshing and satisfying, with an authentic and bold mint taste that satisfies your cravings instantly. The aftertaste is subtle and enduring, keeping a lasting freshness in your mouth and throat for quite a while after each hit.

Again, it’s worth highlighting that the minty flavour is not overly sweet at all – the cloud is quite thick, and the flavour definitely hits hard enough, but it shouldn’t be excessively sickly for those who are looking for something that’s a little more subtle than lots of the ‘traditional’ options.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bears have been a favourite candy choice in the UK for years now, and will be for years to come. That popularity isn’t just random – Gummy Bears are absolutely delicious, and if you’re a fan of them yourself, then you absolutely must try the Gummy Bear flavour by Elux.

It’s a playful flavour that’s definitely sweet, but not excessively so. If you’re looking for something that absolutely blasts your sweet tooth into next week, then you’d probably be better off going with something else. If you’re looking for something that’s satisfying but not sickly, then this should be perfect.

For those looking to get their first sweet vape option, Gummy Bear should be perfect. It doesn’t take much getting used to – from that very first hit, you’ll be left wanting more. Satisfying to the T, it’s a perfect candy flavoured option for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits on planet Earth, so it shouldn’t take much creativity to imagine just how refreshing a vaping flavour called Watermelon Ice is. It’s a bold blend of impressively authentic watermelon tones with a cool, icelike minty finish and aftertaste.

For those hot spring and summer days, it’s perfectly refreshing – just the kind of respite you need from the seemingly supercharged air around you. It’s a notably satisfying flavour, providing users with the kind of hit that they need.

It is definitely a flavour on the sweeter side of things; however, don’t be put off straight away – that minty afternote means that it’s not as overwhelming as a lot of other candy flavoured flavours, and a lot of vapers with more sensitive palettes – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it (and we definitely recommend trying it!)

Strawberry Grape

There aren’t many dishes that combine the flavours of strawberry and grape, but if there’s one thing that the inventors of vaping e-liquids are good at, it’s coming up with creative tastes and flavour combinations.

We have to say, it works surprisingly well; the Strawberry Grape flavour produced by Elux is a deliciously fruity mixture, just sweet enough while still staying relatively true to its natural roots. The strawberry notes are incredibly reminiscent of summer, and the grape flavours come through to provide a slightly more settled, sophisticated total taste.

It’s well-balanced, and highly satisfying – you know those flavours that just hit the spot? This is a perfect example of such a flavour. If you’re looking for something to banish those vape cravings for hours, this is a great option. Whether you’ve been vaping already for years or you’re just looking for your first one, this is a great vape flavour to go with.

Sour Blue Raspberry

Sweet and sour flavours are a staple of multiple cuisines, and for good reason. Sweet notes that would otherwise be overpowering can be given a certain sophistication by a sour kick, while the sweetness allows you to fully appreciate the complexity of sour flavour profiles.

The Sour Blue Raspberry flavour produced by Elux has long been a hit in the UK – it’s certainly interesting, perfectly encapsulating the sourness of slightly under-ripe berries without any of the less pleasant parts of fruits that aren’t ready to eat.

As the name would suggest, it’s definitely on the sour side of things. It has a very tangy initial flavour profile, and then settles into something a little sweeter. If you just want a sweet flavour, there are probably safer options to go with; however, if you’re looking for an option that’s slightly more intense, a little more out there than your standard vapes, then Sour Blue Raspberry is 100% something to try out.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

Vaping enthusiasts tend to love berries, so it’s no surprise that Elux has managed to combine three of our favourites – blueberry, cherry, and cranberry – into a single flavour with this impressive concoction.

While it might not be surprising, that definitely makes it no less impressive. The different flavours explode in your mouth, complementing one another to near perfection. The end result is delightful; you get the juiciness from the cherries, the complex sweetness from the blueberries, and a tart finish from the cranberries.

If you want something that’s sweet but that doesn’t taste overly synthetic (like a lot of e-liquids on the market) then this should be a great option to play with. It provides a nice kick that’s enough to satisfy even the strongest of vape cravings, without being too much in any way.

The fruity flavours also mean that it’s totally appropriate as a vaping option before or after food – you don’t have to worry about any weird after tastes that could interfere with your meal, just the lovely berries and cherry notes.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

While strawberry, watermelon and bubblegum may sound like a strange combination of flavours, if anything, it’s a strike of genius that one of the flavour makers at Elux committed to perfecting it.

The Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum 3500 from Elux is absolutely delicious, and oh-so-fun. The strawberry flavour is the perfect kind of sweet, and as you’ll know if you’re a vape aficionado, it goes with pretty much anything.

The watermelon provides a lovely freshness that stops the other flavours from becoming overwhelming, perfect for when you just want a little something to distract yourself from thirst or hunger. Finally, the bubblegum flavour rounds things off with a gorgeous playfulness that’ll take you straight back to childhood.

It really is a fun flavour, one that’ll make you smile every time you try it. If you’re on the search for something that’s unique but not over the top, then we 100% recommend that you give it a shot; it may not be subtle enough for those who prefer mind flavours or single notes, but if you’ve got this far in the review, chances are you want something that’s slightly more fun than that.

Fizzy Cherry

To round off this run of reviews, we’ve got the delightful Fizzy Cherry flavour. It tastes just like it sounds – providing a joyful fizziness that takes the mouth by surprise, with a little of the sweetness of cherries to ensure that it provides that sweet kick you wanted so badly.

It’s definitely one for the candy-loving individual; it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but it’s definitely one of the most sweet-toothed-orientated options on this list. If you do have a sweet tooth though, this option from Elux is absolutely something to try out.

Choosing a vape flavour

If those flavour reviews have confused you a little, don’t stress – it’s totally natural to be overwhelmed at first by the slightly whacky combinations that e-liquid makers come up with. It doesn’t need to be a stressful experience though; these vapes don’t last forever, so at worst, you’ll have something that you don’t quite get along with, while at best, you’ll end up with something that both delights and surprises your taste buds.

If there’s a single flavour in the combination that catches your eye, then there’s obviously a high chance that you’ll like the end result of the combination. However, it’s worth noting that the flavours don’t perfectly match the real-life item that they’re trying to reproduce – they often come incredibly close, but there’s still a possibility that if you hate strawberries, you’ll love a strawberry vape, and vice versa.

Ultimately, it’s no biggy if you get the flavour ‘wrong’ the first time – working out your personal taste is always going to be a process of trial and error until you’ve slimmed down the potential options to a few sure favourites. Working through the flavours when it comes to vaping never feels like a chore, it’s one of the most fun kinds of homework you’ll ever get to do in your life.

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